Introducing Your New "Go-To" Pant

Key West Express is known as a great Boutique with a fantastic shopping experience. But what makes us so great? What makes us so different?

I believe it is because we don’t just care about the customer who receives the product. We care about where it all starts. From the designers to the workers, to where the fabric comes from and where it was created.

When you shop at Key West Express, you are not only shopping small but you are shopping American Made, fair trade fashion. Let’s be honest, how often do you know that what you are wearing hasn’t created a horrible working environment for millions of women? It is important to know and we take that seriously. 

Not only that, but the term “Made in the USA” speaks of quality, excellent craftsmanship and a superior product.

That is why one of our favorite brands to carry that, not only do I absolutely LOVE but every woman that walks through our doors loves. Which is our Wearables pants.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with these pants. Starting with the quality of this product.

Again this brand is deeply rooted in their belief to design and create a positive working environment, most especially for women.

In they write,

“I love when I discover a brand that produces their products domestically and under ethical conditions. With all of the negative press surrounding (some unnamed fast fashion companies) I am always happy to hear about brands that really do care about the working conditions when making their garments.”

And they are so right!

The next thing to love and also just as important is style and comfort.

I could talk all day about the comfort of these pants. How they fit so well and can be paired with anything, dressed up or dressed down. But see what actual customers have to say:

Trust me, hundreds of other women would agree with the reviews on these pants. Including myself who owns a multitude of colours in “my favorite pants.”

From the makers themselves, they pride themselves in saying,

“Wearables is a collection of best-selling styles, that exemplify our philosophy of offering wearable, breathable, comfortable, and chic clothes designed for women who believe in style, without sacrificing comfort.”

So if that sounds like you, and you are not wearing these pants right now! Then you might be doing it all wrong.

These pants will change your life, your wardrobe, and your style. And hopefully, when choosing your garments you take into consideration where they are coming from.


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