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Top 3 Trending Fabrics for Fall

by Soozy Naylor | | autumn, cotton, fabric, Fall, knit, pullovers, sweaters, vest, wool | 0 Comments

Autumn Fabric Trends

When there is a chill in the air in Florida, you know it is officially the Fall season. 
Spending as much time as I do at shows and events deciding what to add to my Boutique collection. There is always a sense of a trend in fabric styles each year. This year we have brought in warm, comfortable, stylish, and fun Fall fabrics to suit this season of 2018. 

What's Popular and Trending In Fabrics This Year



Wool is an interesting fabric. Through the ages, it seems to have had different "personalities." One year it is THE fabric of the season and everyone is wearing it. The next, it is one of the most hated fabrics. 
Luckily, in 2018, wool has improved dramatically and there is so much that can be done with it. And if you don't have an item in your closet containing wool - you're missing out. 
Wool can sometimes be heavy, but it also can be lightweight yet still have that warmth factor. We love wool because it lays perfectly over any undergarment or as a scarf. 
At Summertime Boutique we carry pullovers that contain wool as well as vests and wraps that lay over almost any top as an added pop of colour or extra layer. During that short season when the sun is shining but there is a little chill in the air you can throw a wrap over a short sleeve for the perfect temperature. 
It's versatile, it packs a punch and is one of the best fabrics for this Autumn/Winter season. 

Cotton Blend Knit

 The perfect fabric for oversized sweaters which just so happen to be one of the more popular styles of sweaters and pullovers this year. 

A knit fabric that is created from a cotton blend gives you the type of garment that doesn't make you hot and sweaty, can be a little stretchy and doesn't wrinkle. 
This is overall a lighter sweater than a wool sweater but still hugs you enough for added warmth. These sweaters can be made with a tight-knit or a loose one. The tighter it is the less airflow, the looser the more airflow due to the little open pockets throughout the garment. 
You can find long sleeves in this fabric or pullovers and jerseys that all create a fabulous and stylish winter weather addition. 

100% Cotton

Another fabric that may have had a bad wrap in the wet winter season. 
Yes, this is not the best fabric to wear in the wet weather being that it takes a long time to dry. But for the dry chilly Autumn, it is perfect!
Cotton is a beautiful thing. An example of how great it is shows in the image above.
At Summertime Boutique we carry many of these popular USA made sweaters that are 100% cotton, and the best part about them is that they are One Size. One size fits most with these sweaters - how great is that!?
This is how versatile cotton can be. It stretches but also holds its shape very well. It is also nice and light making it a great undergarment or even pullover.
You can't go wrong with cotton, from long sleeve tees to winter zip-ups or sweaters. 

How To Choose A Fabric

 The list of great fabrics is much longer than just 3. But these are some of our favorites especially here in Florida. We choose based on age range, location and temperature. 

The best thing for Florida happens to be layering. All of the fabrics above are great for layering. That way if it gets a little warm you can shed a layer and when it cools off you can throw a little something over. 
We recommend that you do the same. Choose what you think is comfortable and is versatile for your seasons. 
Also, don't be afraid to try something new! 
You can shop all of these different fabrics on our site at Summertime Boutique. Or if you are visiting the local to the area, stop by our brick and mortar store located in Downtown Dunedin Florida called Key West Express Boutique. 
Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for our newest arrivals and join our mailing list for info on special deals. 
Make it count !

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