Top 3 Fall Styles For the Mature Women in 2018

Being that Florida's average age happens to be over 40, we can comfortably say that Florida knows "mature" fashion. 

And proudly at Summertime Boutique, we know how to outfit for the Fall season in a way that compliments age because it's what we do. 

Fashion doesn't have to be boring or dull as the years add up. In fact, it should be the exact opposite. It's our time to shine! A time to show who we are and bring a fresh new look to the table. 

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak"

~ Rachel Zoe

So let's dive into what is trending and what you should be wearing!

A Wrap


There are so many reasons why this is a must-have!

First off, layering is your friend. Temperatures change, first, you're in a freezing restaurant then your sweating walking to your car. This is one of the best times to have a wrap handy. 

Especially in the changing seasons. 

Secondly, the fabric is always soft, comfortable and packable. Whether it is an acrylic knit or wool or cotton blend. All of these are great to stay functional in any situation. 

Lastly, a wrap like this one has openings in the arm. Making it convenient to not have to wrap it around your body in a way that may never stay. It's like wearing a loose fitting, very cute jersey that doesn't fall off. 

So you can pick up the groceries or grandkids without losing apparel. 

Bulky / Oversized Sweater or Pullover


This is a bit more of a trendy look that is in this season, but a style that can work for the "over 40" crowd, if you do it right. 

The best thing you can do with a sweater like this is to pair it with a legging or a pant that is tight fitting but is complimentary (no funny bits hanging out or cutting off of circulation.)

You can also pair it with a nice heel or flats for a fun casual Autumn look.

Knit sweaters make for a great bulky feel and tend to be a little heavier in weight but being that it is bulky you get more airflow throughout the garment. 



Zip-up's often are not a "go to" in the fashion industry. In fact, it can be very difficult to find a zip-up that is flattering. 

That is why you must look at the material when choosing a zip-up. 

This Lightweight Zip-Up, in particular, is mostly made up of linen. Therefore it is indeed lightweight. But it also has so many features that make it such a great pick for the season!

We all have to admit that functionality does play a part in fashion. And this jacket is very functional but also stylish. 

You want to find a zip-up that can be customized to your fit. Admittedly, there is no greater feeling than an oversized zip up when your lounging on the couch at home. But to leave the house and pair with cute pants and shoes, you must find something that has a bit of style. 

Something like the zip-up above, it has a 2-way zip as well as drawstrings both around the torso and at the waist allowing you to put this garment over almost any top and still compliment your outfit. 

I promise you cannot go wrong with a linen style zip-up like this one! You will not regret it.  



And that wraps up our Top 3 Fall Styles For the Mature Women in 2018. All of these looks are available at or if you are visiting the local to the area, stop by our brick and mortar store located in Downtown Dunedin Florida called Key West Express Boutique.

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Make it count !


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