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"Throw back Thursdays"

by Soozy Naylor | | destiny, dolphins, Florida, gratitude, memories, murals, painting, palm trees, photos, Sunshine state, Throw back thursday, USA | 0 Comments

It was while cleaning out some drawers recently that I finally got the whole "throw back Thursday" thing .

Coming across the photos of me 20 + years and lbs ago.I was Shocked to see myself so young, so tanned so healthy.

Looking at the vaguely familiar "self" I remembered feeling the wonder and gratitude that I now lived in Florida, the Sunshine State in the amazing USA. Couldn't believe my good fortune to be truthful.

A lifetime of bikinis, cover-ups, boating and long sticky summers I thought as I tossed away my watch to be forever on "Island time" The sun bleached hair and salty taste on my lips was now my utopia.

Back in my industrial home town of Yorkshire as an eleven year old I had painted a mural on my bedroom wall of three palm trees crossing with a blue sky and ocean as their backdrop, was this destiny ?? was it a premonition of my future "tropical " home ???. Who knows ...?

Still, it never gets old this "tropical " home. Seeing a palm tree gently swaying , the translucent blue skies, a dolphin gracefully swimming by. I still pinch myself that God brought me to such a paradise.That I get to call this ... home,

So thank you to everyone who made this young girls dream a reality.

I hope your "Throw back Thursday's " bring back lovely memories even at the price of 20 years and almost as many lbs !! 

The bikinis are long gone but the awe , joy and gratitude still remain,                            Make it count !!                                                                                                                Soozy

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