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The Significance of the Manchester Bee....

Ironic, that on my very first blog I would feel compelled to write about the significance of the worker bee to Manchester, U.K.

Let me digress a little....

I am writing this from the beautiful tropical shores of Dunedin Florida ,when earlier today I received a back order of "bee" earrings. I was overcome by a wave of nostalgia and homesickness.

Being a Yorkshire "lass" we've always had a friendly rivalry with our neighbours across the Pennines. However after this weeks atrocities and heinous acts, I am side by side with my Mancunian brethren.

The Mancunian worker bee is ubiquitous around the city, on planters ,bins (garbage cans) and on the floor of the Town Hall. It symbolises the incredible work ethic of the people of Manchester during the Industrial Revolution.

Today, it represents the hard work and togetherness of the city's residents in the aftermath of Monday's devastating tragedy. It has brought a heart broken city together, united them.

So with that said ... we would like to donate part of the proceeds of the sale of our little bee earrings to the Manchester Arena Victim's Fund. Buy them here:

Love one another & make it count !!!!



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