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Why We Carry "Life Is Good"

by Soozy Naylor | | brand story, deep dive, Life Is Good | 0 Comments

If you are familiar at all with Summertime Boutique or our sister company Key West Express Boutique, you would know what the importance of USA Made is to us. And not only that but the importance of bringing in items from companies that are small businesses or make a contribution to the world with their profits and treat their employees with ethical and supportive business practices.

These are the reasons why we pride ourselves in carrying Life Is Good products.

Brand Deep Dive

Life is Good was an idea that was born from two brothers, Bert and John Jacobs, when they were in college. The company has grown immensely not only in profits but in the way they are impacting the world.

You’ll notice on all of their tags a note explaining that 10% of all of their profits are donated to their children's foundation. Their goal is to spread the importance of optimism and positivity to young generations.

This message has helped children all over the world to get through difficult times and even to heal from major illnesses.

Life Is Good is constantly growing and adding initiatives to the company. Centered around the one idea of changing the world from all the negativity into what it can be: a place of opportunity, beautiful people, wonderful experiences and joy.

A great, recent initiative was the" Positive State" campaign. Which is actually ongoing. You can read more about it at

They’ve used this to tell stories about the wonderful things that are happening in every single state. People across America have written stories about neighbors like you and me that are doing amazing things in our own community.

This is an example of a company that you should support. And this is the reason we bring them into our store. A business that has integrity, care and is always growing and changing by asking themselves, “what can we do next that will impact the world in a great way?”

By purchasing from them you are supporting the growth of this idea and all of the people involved in it.

Everything that I bring into my store represents me and what I stand for. Life Is Good has been one of those long-standing brands.

Many of my customers come looking for this brand but not only for what the brand is but because of its quality.

Their shirts are funny, cute, an expression of who you are and better yet they last forever. Trust me, man or woman, once you own a Life Is Good shirt it will most likely become your go-to shirt...



Happy shopping and as always, "Make It Count!"
xoxo Soozy

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