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Beach Fashion That Compliments Age

by Soozy Naylor | | | 1 Comments

Looking your best IS important, looking great while dressing for your age is just as important. 

We want to highlight ways that you can dress your best in beachy style while not compromising maturity. 

When vacationing you don't always need to look like you stocked up at the local touristy"beachwear" store. Trade out that non-wicking, sweaty visor with a stylish face-save. 

These Face-Saver hats look great and are practical. They travel wonderfully because they are crushable and packable. They hold their shape and are long lasting. They give you extra protection while you sit back in that beach chair and soak up the rays without anything poking the back of your head. Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable?


Speaking of accessories, another popular mistake is: choice of shoes. You deserve to strut through the streets of Pacific Avenue as if you are strutting down the runway. Trust me, you are not going to strut down the runway in a pair of uncomfortable plastic flip-flops or flats. Bump it up a notch by making a simple change! Trade out those terribly uncomfortable, "go-to" flip flops with a pair of adorable pillows for your feet. And by that, I mean this type of cute sandal. 

These may look like just a cute pair of sandals at first glance, but slip them onto your feet and notice the change. Sandals such as the brand Oka B create products that are uncompromisable. These sandals give you just a little bit of lift in the heel, they are anti-microbial, eco-friendly, breathable, and have added texture that massage your feet as you walk. Like is said...a pillow for your feet. They will also never dig into your foot like a $2 flip-flop would or break when you need them most. 

Remember, we are talking about complimenting your age by up-leveling your style. These sandals will do exactly that.


Now let's talk clothing. There are a few key ingredients to your wardrobe that will never fail you at this age. One of them is a good pair of white or light colored pants. Since we are talking beach - white brings about that fun beachy feeling that we are going for and you can pair them with just about anything. 


These White Cropped Tassel Pants are just the right style and if tassels aren't your thing then your next best option would be the J Cropped Pant in White

A fitted, light colored pant will compliment your legs and also allow you to show off a pair of sandals or wedges. These pants must be a staple in your wardrobe. 

Ideal for a day out in the sun doing all activities like having lunch with girlfriends, shopping or sightseeing. 


If you prefer an easy slip-on outfit, yes ladies, a jumpsuit or pantsuit will serve you well BUT you must choose wisely. Patterns or black tend to be the most slimming when it comes to pantsuits. We would recommend going for a pattern because black is hot and so is summer. 


Make sure the jumpsuit does not stop short around the ankle or drag on the ground. It must be long enough to not show ankle and short enough to show some toe. This is a great time to take advantage of wearing a comfortable wedge! 

This is not a staple item for vacationing but if you feel like taking a chance, looking sexy and bold but also incredibly comfortable. This all-in-one option is a definite option. 

Pro-tip: style it up with a chunky necklace and bracelet or skip the bracelet and go for a chunky earring. 


Lastly, onto the tops. Style, fit and color are all important to pay attention to. Don't be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. You're in a different stage of your life and you should dress for it, especially when "beachin' it."

When it comes to tops it will obviously depend on what you will be doing and where you will be going but here are a few options:

1. Sleeveless top

The reason we chose this is because, not everyone wants to wear a sleeveless top, and we know that. But many of us can even though you might think you can't.  For example, 

This Deep Green Pattern Tank from Fresh Produce is extremely approachable. If you are really unsure about tanks but want to give them a try, then try this one on for size. It is subtle, conservative and simple. 



Add a little something extra with this stylish tank. Featuring more of a choker neckline, this top is great for petite frames but also perfect if you have a larger chest and want to taper it down just a bit. 


2. Open Shoulder Top

Don't want to go full sleeveless? Then here is your answer. 

Any style of open shoulder adds something fun to an ordinary outfit. Dress it up even more with a beautiful necklace and bracelet. 


These are our suggestions for ways that you can bring a little something extra to your beachy style. Remember that looking your best at any age will make you feel amazing! You are worth it and you are beautiful, show it off to the world!

You can shop all of these different products on our site at Summertime Boutique. Or if you are visiting the local to the area, stop by our brick and mortar store located in Downtown Dunedin Florida called Key West Express Boutique.

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Make it count !




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Cindy / Reply

Thank you to Colleen for bringing just the perfect things to the try on room. I bought it all. Looking forward to stopping by on my next trip to Dunedin.

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