Summer time is almost here .....

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Can you believe it is only a few weeks until summer ? Here in Florida it signals the beginning of Hurricane season.

But not so long ago the word summer evoked all kind of wonderful imagery, sun, golden sands, breathtaking sunsets washed down with colourful yummy cocktails. 

The thought of a summer holiday brings out the kid in us, a sense of excitement, no responsibilities an escape from the daily grind

Whether taking a spontaneous, spur of the moment trip or a get-a-way conjured up on a cold winters night. The joy of a vacation gives us something to anticipate.The therapeutic sound of the ocean lapping up on the shore and miles of endless sugery white sands brings butterflies to my tummy.

For some the ideal get-a-way is doing dive bombs off the dock into a crystal clear lake while the delicious aroma of a nearby BBQ dances on the breeze.

Of course part of the anticipation is the planning. The "where" is especially fun ...... a long drive to a annual haunt, a plane ride to an exotic destination ....... Once that is accomplished my favourite part is the packing. Putting together each days ensemble,a fabulous dress for a romantic dinner under the stars or a huge blanket , two glasses and a chilled bottle of sav blanc. It's so fun to put the pieces together.

Key West Express and Summertime Boutique offer the best cruise and resort wear. Always available to help co-ordinate your wardrobe for any trip, big or small. All you have to is bring the suitcase...... 

Happy travels everyone , send me a postcard and oh, don't forget your sun block  !! Most of all "make it count"                                                                                             love, Soozy


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